Spike TV bumper : Rednecks & Nailguns

Another unmade animatic. We jumped up and down on the table to try and get the suits to run with these out there ideas… but only found dead silence. This is an old one, but it is a great demonstration of how we make an animatic in less than a day.

Eastern Conference Champions – The Box

This is the video we made with the boys from the Eastern Conference Champions. By far the most interesting song we’ve ever made a video for… We used an new untested (until this production) rotoscope process on this video. The actual techniques we used on this is a bit of a secret, but we will say we did use a ouija board to channel a rather hyperactive spirit from 1985 that claimed to supply the cocaine to the animation crew during production of A-Ha’s rotoscoped video. This paranormal entity’s tweaked advice, was particularly useless so we just kinda winged it…

Also, note the psychopaths’ line dance in the video. If you learn this dance before you hit an ECC concert, you can join all the other people on the dance floor in a post modern hipster mating ritual that always ends in heaping handfuls of ass.

Trust us.

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Lupin III

Back in 2005, Humouring the Fates Inc. agreed to create a special treat for Tampa’s runaway hit anime convention MetroCon. In honor of their big-name guest, Lupin III creator “Monkey Punch“, we threw our resources into creating a short work of original animation that would begin the opening ceremonies of the convention. We here at Fates are big Lupin fans, and we really wanted to created something that would excite the fans and show our love. I think we did allright. Check out the full short after the jump, and let us know what you think.
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LLL – cabnet sleeper

Got a little ways left to go on this cut, but you can see the color palettes and BG textures starting to take shape. The rust texture on Pear will be added next, followed by the lights and shadow effects. Plowing forward one frame at a time kids…

“To Write”

This was a rejected sequence for a bit of software coming from a software company in Japan (who are creators of, not coincidentally, Jam Sessions DS, another game in which some artwork of mine appears) called (I think) Bilingua, and it’s intended to help people learn a new language. Essentially we did a whole mess of various animations for various verbs, and the software plays the animation in conjunction with the words in order to help the user associate new words with visual terms. Hey, not everything an animator does is hot action excitement.

:D This one I rather liked, partly because we were able to design the animation with a grand total of about five drawings, not including the way the text itself is being “written”, which isn’t a series of frames so much as it is one drawing (the text line) which is gradually revealed frame by frame to create the illusion of being produced by the hand and pencil. The whole text block then shifts upward and the cycle begins anew.

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JiJ : Mista Moutain Character pin-up

Another character splash from Fates in-house project, Joe is Japanese, the enigmatic Mister Mountain. As with most all of the Joe character shots, I was trying to be all metaphorical… Yama-sama is calm and cool under fire, contemplative but capable of powerful action…

But if anyone could trim bonsai while performing crane kata and dodging arrows, it might be Mountain.

You like the flag at all? I was being expirmental and trying to go for a bit of quick sumi-e style watercolor effect, basically using the smear tool a good bit.

At any rate, we got the last bit of sound recording for Joe 3 done. There’s a bit of dialogue sync to be assembled still, and that should be it. Be on the lookout.

Joe is Japanese is © Humouring the Fates Inc., all that jazz. We’ve got a splash shot for every main character, so you can expect to see these trickling down for a bit to come. Color versions too!