I wanna make one of them sweet cartoons you fates people make… what should I do?

It’s quite easy. Click on the contact page up there. Then find the phone number you need to dial to reach us. Call us up. Brace yourself for the anticipation of seeing your creation come to life. One frame at time. You might find yourself remarking: “These Fates Crew people created motion where there was none before!”

Uh, is this site called “Fates Crew” or “Fate Screw”?

Depends entirely on your outlook on life. Our philosophy tends to lean towards the latter… You see, when you have to draw the same damn thing over 24 times just to equal one second of screen time, plus make the background, and then color it all, then do all the compositing… AGGGHHH!

Look, traditional hand drawn animation is tough, thankless work. So yeah, we do feel sometimes as if destiny has it designed our fate to a be ridiculous cavalcade typical of say… an episode of Frazier. However this philosophy is entirely contingent on how much liquor has been imbibed by the crew. After the sixth hour of drinking and working we’ve found that it definitely is the Fates Crew. If you listen closely you can hear the ol’, “I love you too, man.”

Ohmygod, I wanna be an animator too!!! How do I sign up with you guys?!?

Go home kid. This is no life for you.

No, really. I’m ready. I’ve spent the past ten years drawing eight hours a day. I’ve been ridiculed everyday during high school. I’ve brought two pairs of black shirts, pants, socks and boots… plus my 200 dollars of burial money. I’m ready to follow the Crew into the very depths of hell. How do I sign up?

Well… if you really think you’re ready, send over a link to your demo reel and/or portfolio to this contact.

How should I set about growing out a sweet ‘stache?

The biggest decision will come when the hair in the centre of the lip starts to grow long and begins to get messy whenever you are drinking soup. At that point some people trim it to keep it short in the centre. However, if you can survive the messy stage (that is when the hair is starting to grow but isn’t long enough to brush to the sides), it is worth letting it all grow so you can train the hair to grow out sideways in order to achieve a more traditional shape.

Similarly with the beard around the sides – it’s a matter of choice. The perfect moustache grows only on the upper lip, but many of us allow it to spread to the sides in order to achieve a more “bushy” effect. If you find you can get a good growth of moustache on the lip alone, that is ideal, but if it looks better with a bit more “support” so to speak, then go for what you think looks best for you. When people see a group of members of the Handlebar Club they often remark on how all of our moustaches are different from each other.

At the “messy” stage you will probably need to use a little moustache wax to keep the hair in place.

P.S. Just a few days after I wrote this, I found that there was already a web page which answers this question. So if you want a second opinion (and rather more detail than I have given) try Mustache Summer ’99

Source: www.handlebarclub.co.uk

How should I behave with an escort?

You should behave with an escort like you would behave with your date. Don’t forget that he/she is a human and he/she deserves respect and your care. Please try to be polite, generous and kind to your escort to earn a better rating. This is not allowed because of few reasons the most important being the abuse of an email id or telephone by anyone that can be very disturbing to an individual and the other being the email id susceptible to spam and virus attacks.

Source: www.escortservicefinder.com

How do I use a Blowgun?

Slide the sharpened dart wire into the hole of the plastic cone for the target darts. Place the darts in the appropriate quiver. To shoot a dart, place the dart into mouthpiece, gently pressing until dart has cleared the one way safety valve ring. Hold your blow gun at a level height. Never aiming at a person or animal, bring mouthpiece up to the mouth with muzzle end pointed at a safe direction. Using muzzle guard tip as sight, sight in your target and blow through mouthpiece with a forceful and concentrated burst of pressure. With practice you can control the velocity and distance easily and accurately.

Always place the darts in the respective quiver as loose or neglected darts can cause serious injury and should be always handled and stored in a safe and responsible manner.

Source: www.pebbleco.com

If my home is infested by a demon, can I beat it on my own?

Anything is possible but I would have to say that you would need the help of either a demonologist or a clergyman. I would not suggest you that you try to do it on your own. The first issue here is determining that you have a demon in the first place. Unless you have completely bizarre things happening, it can be difficult to be sure just what you are dealing with. However, if you are sure that the problem is demonic, my advice is to find someone who is experienced in dealing with that type of haunting.

Source: www.fspp.net

How can I protect myself from alien abduction?

Use Imagery to build armor around your body:

1. Visualize white light coming from the center of your body. Fill your body with this white light. Imagine a bubble encircling your body, and let the white light fill the entire bubble, so you are encased in this bubble of white light.

2. Once the bubble of white light is in place, you can become more detailed with your armor. The more detail, the better (the psychic attacker will have to “decipher” each level of your armor to break through it and get to you). Imagine a hard outer shell encasing the bubble of white light. You might think of a crystal, a rock, iron, or any substance that is very strong. What really matters is how strong it is in YOUR mind; the energy and concentration you put into building your armor is what makes it strong.

3. The next level of protection might be: a suit of full plate mail armor, an electrical force field barrier, an energy suit that repels anyone who touches it, sharp spikes covering your entire body, etc. Let your mind be creative and come up with something unique. The harder it is for the enemy to figure out, the better.

4. You could draw this on a piece of paper to help you visualize it more clearly. Think about your armor every night before you go to sleep. The more you think about it, the stronger it becomes.

5. This armor will protect you on many other planes and dimensions, including the astral plane. You can go Out-of-Body and fly around and be safe. Of course, once you have enough strength and belief in yourself, you won’t need such heavy armor. Believing in yourself and feeling the strength you have inside is the best defense you can have.

Source: www.alienabductionhelp.com