JiJ : The 1st date on a plane

An early, early edit of the latest Joe is Japanese episode’s audio. Normally we don’t post WIP that are this early on, but Joe really wanted to hear what a mPUA he is. 😉 This takes place on an airplane as Joe & Miyuki sit two seats and an aisle apart… That fact will not deter them from some flirty talk. The reactions of the other passengers trapped between them should be priceless (as soon as we actually find the moment to record them). Quicktime after the jump with BOTH english and Japanese subtitles.

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c002-01 worker plates

A few of the worker plates for the lunchroom table shot. Each of them is built at the highest resolution and then composited down so that as the camera moves past them they move from (ex.) 50% to 100%, rather than trying to go from 100% to 150%. Each worker has two animation cycles, one for chewing and one secondary action (take a bite, wipe mouth, drink, etc.) More sequences after the jump.

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LLL – cabnet sleeper

Got a little ways left to go on this cut, but you can see the color palettes and BG textures starting to take shape. The rust texture on Pear will be added next, followed by the lights and shadow effects. Plowing forward one frame at a time kids…

JiJ : Opening Animation “gung-fu”

This one is a bit unusual, in that it’s not a sequence from the narrative. This is, instead, a small piece of animation that appears in the opening sequence. It will likely be used as a masking element, though in what capacity I’m not sure… I just draws ’em, I don’t makes ’em up (sometimes).

I enjoy animating silhouettes ’cause they’re a lot easier than full character work… you can hide murder in that negative space. Ultimately it becomes a matter of just following the lines, but in fact the initial rough animation for this contained a full (if incredibly scribbly) character. It wasn’t until the cleanup phase that it became a complete silhouette.

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JiJ : Kenji Saga “legbreaker”

Line animation for the upcoming HTF project Joe is Japanese… one of many, many cuts, this one involves a story Joe tells his friend Koga in a bar about how his buddy Kenji maimed a guy in a fight once.

Needless to say, this scene won’t be truly complete without sound. MMMmmmmm… crunchy. :D

Koga at MySpace

Maintain Composure : Pencil Test Edit

An early, early pencil test stage edit for a project about two rival composers in a strange universe where the only form of artistic expression is musical.  It does have some damn good lip sync animation in it if we can say so ourselves…