The Monster Animation

Here’s a fun new one we’re doing. It is a completely over-the-top-ridiculous animation. Maybe that gets said a lot these days, but um… yeah this one’s nuts. Animation-studio-tampa-2d-productioncartoon animation with textures 2.5dcartoon-animation tampa bay production studios

board room of animation evilattack animation studios toon boom texturing

little cute animation company nyc


Fates at SeriesFest in Denver!


The LA Times referred to this new advent as the “Sundance for Television.” We figure that’s a ringing enough endorsement to go hang with creator Keith Powell and one of the best casts we’ve ever had on a pilot to date. We’re playing in the new Denver SeriesFest for TV pilots festival for two showings and chilling with John Legend at Red Rock. If you’re in the Denver area, definitely roll out for this “season one” event.

Here are a couple of frames to get you in that sexy animated mood:





Fates Crew at Comic Con 2013

Image 01

Once again we’re premiering a film at San Deigo Comic Con. Our film, PostHuman, is set in an adrenalized future of espionage, assassins, and out of control superscience, PostHuman follows a genius hacker and his dog as they help an enigmatic young woman free the remaining test subject of a black ops ESP test lab. Fully animated in-house here at Fates.

Come see us at the 6:30 screening Thursday July 18th at Marriott Hall 2.


Thanks Translation!

L1006457Damn, the folks at Translation know how to work you hard, but they also know rewards too.  We had one hell of a weekend rush last week, but the top shelf libations they gifted make any workload worthwhile. The party will start now (not much time before the next job we know)…

We just want you to know you are awesome. We also want you to know that completing the impossible is all in the day’s work for the Fates Crew. We also take a swing after ever sentence. So this is filler.

Thanks again guys, that was a lot of fun! Cheers!

Keeping up on Events in Japan

Thanks everyone for your concern on our team overseas. Hopefully everything will turn out OK and we come out the other side with some stories… if nothing else. To keep up to date on the latest developments please find the feed here:

If you don’t understand how to use the feed, click the link up there, and when the video window pops up click the gray “yes” or “ok” button or whatever pop up is there. It just basically just tells you “that you might get kicked off when the internet traffic gets busy.”

and just in case you might of thought you gained a little weight after this earthquake, you did! We all did! The earth spins faster now! Crazy right!?!

Stay safe everyone.

Lab Progress Render

Current progress on the building of the Lab “Kill Room”.  There’s still a lot of detail to add (the observation area is only blocked in) and more textures.  Click for larger image.

Nortega closer

What could I possibly say? Nortega silliness. It makes for some fun loops if you fiddle with the frames.



Added firing frames. Casings still to come.



Casings added. Bodies next.



Linestests for near BG characters falling to machinegun fire. With judicious timing these three can be doubled up for the half of the rotation that passes by before the transition.

Additional BG elements next.



Secondary BG characters with limited animation. One final plate and perhaps a nice explosion will round out the BG elements.