Production sheets

These pages represent final model sheets for production. At this point the design is presumed locked and details on construction have been laid out with the team to ensure that this fairly complex character design is illustrated consistently throughout. We’ve added the Needler and the Plasma Rifle to the weapons model sheet, done a complete workup on the SPNKr (as it is, unlike the other weapons, not symmetrically designed, and we have that whole loading issue to address). And we have a sheet for our three main characters which notes their defining characteristics and accessories.

Sheets posted after the jump:

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updated animatic

There is a fair amount to note before watching this version…

For example there’s the fact that there is a repeated line by Church (that needs to be replaced by an equally germane line in either spot). But hey… we can review those notes a latter point, now let’s just watch some sweet gun play. And rocket barefoot skiing. And some grunt groin grabbing.

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v2.2 animatic

Click image below for v2.2 animatic. New version being produced now with v10 audio track. The new supa-funny one. “Starting at sector one … er, zero.”