c008 key test

key frames and scratch timing. The buttons on the wall are being pulled in exchange for a Forerunner pattern on the wall which unexpectedly comes to life as Grif is punching at it.

c013 initial position

Initial frames for c013. It won’t loop like this in play unless someone decides they really want to extend the cut, but from this point goes to Church’s “Aw, c’mon!”, and Simmons reaching for the rocket launcher. When Church begins firing again, we’ll switch up his hands so that he fires the other SMG.

The plan is also to match cut this with c015 wherein Church hotloads the launcher with the rope-tied rocket.

c035 – linestest

C035 linestest. One of three Jackal cuts. The shield lines will be replaced with a color hold and effect, and there’s a good place to put in some verbalizations, squawks or shrieks. This also I think the only time we see a sniper variant Jackal and the Type-50 Beam Rifle.

Is the laser sight on the sniper’s headgear visible from an angle, or only when directed at the player?