c014 counterfire

Plasma blasts and impacts for c014. The cut goes much longer than this scratch composite, as Grif has dialogue and motion of his own, but we can mix up, space, and even re-position these blasts as needed to keep the scene exciting.

c010, 018 & 022 – Principle Line Animation Complete!

The last and easiest cuts of the set, cuts 010, 018 and 22. This marks the completion of all line animation as laid out in the shot list/storyboards (I think we’re waiting on tweens to post the linestest for c002 and c007), and there’s some minor corrections here and there (need a rope for c016, some plasma fire and impacts in 014 and 016 ), but those are minor elements that should be easily completed over the weekend.

We’d still like to consider adding one unlisted shot, where a couple Grunts run out of ammo during the hallway scenes (c024-030) and thus explaining why we go from firefight to fistfight, but it’s not listed in the boards. We think we can pull it out in a day, but it’s not yet been determined if it’s needed. Flats, shadows and composites are proceeding on schedule.

c023 keys

Church spirals through the tunnels. The tunnel texture has not been applied here, yet (lest anyone think we were going with the zeppelin-interior look), but any form or contour detailing will likely be inset so as not to interrupt Church’s path.

c025 keys

C025, Church exits the tunnel and runs into the larger hallway, flattening some poor tree turkey out of his natural element.

This cut originally continues on for another second or so as the camera follows Church, but there’s a thought that this cut might play interestingly with c026 if we cut it right at this point, and the sound of Church’s impact cuts against the report of Grif’s battle rifle and the sounds of the fight back in the control room, creating a nice blend of crashing and gunfire. One opposing concern may be whether or not Church’s situation reads clearly if we don’t follow along with him and see him catch his balance before cutting away. The next cut in which we see Church skating behind the rocket is c027, and from there we cut between Simmons directing the rocket and Church flailing about as he swings left and right.

Something to consider. We can go ahead and build the cut out to it’s intended length and still cut at this point, but with animation it’s always more painful to leave frames on the cutting room floor…


Full keys and partial cleanup. The “camera” (actually, the background) shifts into motion to follow Church’s momentum as he exits the tunnel and drags the broken Jackal along for a short distance.

c011 keys

Initial frames for c011 as the Grunts slap leather. Or plasma. Whatever.


Replaced with full key sequence.

Should be fun to have lots of power-up sounds and clickety-clack noises kick in. The nipple-Grunt doesn’t have to have a dialogue line to coincide with his mouth movement, but if you want to throw in a canned line this is the place to do it.

c009 keys

Gruntus interruptus.

Match cut to 011, where they’ll rack it up a notch. With guns!


EDIT: Here is the layout for the mid & BG grunt plates. This helps fill in the depth of the shot and makes the sea of grunts that much deeper.

c016 linestest

Still need to add plasma blasts and the rope. It’s been suggested that we might want to intercut this action with c017 (where the Grunts get shot and the rocket pases overhead, initially all one cut) so that it breaks up as Grif and Church stepping out and firing, the Grunts getting hit and diving for cover, Simmons steps out and fires the rocket, the rocket passes overhead on the Grunts. It’d be quicker cuts, but it might flow better that way.