Post Human: Fish eye lens samples

Some quick lens tests (using old Halo models). This coding gets us optics that will be equivalent to ~15mm taking lens for a 35mm rig. Things aren’t overly distorted until they get marco’d and then the lens will bend them significantly.  Click for full size:

Post Human: Background Concepts

Here are some quick concepts to start the design process on the compound & the hacker’s lab.This is without much EFX lighting that will help blow out the lighter compound colors… and without the contrast EFX that will pull the hacker’s lab into near WoW addict-level darkness/loneliness. Click for full size:

Headscraper Animation Tests

We decided to have a little fun with one iconic scene to provide a quick example of the potential look of PostHuman‘s animation process.  In the first, our key artists have drawn quick key frames, (some of them rather rough), for the animation of the soldier getting his head torn off. In the second gif, we’ve begun to draw breakdown frames and inbetweens for these keys.  If you look closely at the part of the animation up to where the goggles come off, you will notice that the second gif has a bit more detail to the motion.  Eventually, more frames would be added and cleaned-up until the action is completely seamless.

Click an image for isolated view: