c009 linestest

meteor added in. The BG will be a long, wide image that encompasses the transition from ground to the sky, and with any luck we’ll be able to reuse that same background for cuts 007 and 005.

c002 character keystest

Key frames for Nike’s moves at the end of c002. By animating her action at her largest size (slightly larger, actually) we can push in to this from the point in the zoom where she’s large enough to see detail. The canvas has been extended to fit, but the original action safe remains to give you some idea of the actual framing.


Corrected expression, added some rough breakdown frames.

Nike : Meteor Animatic v5

Most of the fully animated scenes. A few were left out as they are currently being worked on and we didn’t want to disturb the animator’s flow. Most of these cuts have the previous costume, all of the cuts are being re-drawn as you read this…

Nike : Punching Bag Master Frame

Here is a full rez frame from the animation. The watercolor bleed will animate across everything. (see quicktime below). Click to see full rez and witness the full on texture!!! <–UPDATED with NEW Washout–>

Here is a quick RAW export of some of the watercolor bleed textures without color correction or any effect compositing yet… but you can imagine where this is going…