LLL : c003-01/004-01 rough keys

Twofer today, as there’s limited animation in cut 003-01. The clip is cropped to focus on Price’s action, as the wider boardroom remains still, rapt with attention directed at the old man.

Cut 004-01 switches to a low angle that emphasizes Price’s dominating presence, which is interrupted by his sudden pain and coughing fit. We’ll probably extend his timing and emphasize his pain by staggering the frames in the clutch and the cough (you can check the Joe is Japanese archives for more on frame staggering). From here we cut to c005-01, where we pull back out of the boardroom through the window as Price’s fit continues and the board gets up and leaves the room.

In the interest of maintaining framerates, the clips are posted after the jump:

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LLL : c002-01 Pear key roughs

These are the Pear rough keys for the lunchroom sequence (c002-01). The initial frame is scaled to match position with the initial camera point, then sizes back up to full before the table drops out of frame and the camera swings around to match Pear’s ninety degree rotation and the foreshortened dip that locks into a hold to focus on the bug. From there, we push past Pear through the glass ceiling of the room and towards the tower where we see Price’s first hack attack before the Board.

Not a great amount of frames, but a complicated move (and a more complicated environment shot).

c005-04 : Price frames

Price as he leaves the factory. By keeping his motion slow and his feet on the ground even as he moves, we get the old-man-shuffle appropriate for his state of being after a near-collapse during the board meeting.

LLL c043-08/09 & c044

Couple segments from the end of c043, when Price ends his run and meets Pear. The camera in composite will move between these elements, but in actual terms the elements are comprised of individual plates. C044 is a still hold on Price with a two-frame tremble on his eyes and a little drip off the chin.