c005 keystest

Hyper-ultra-super-ultimate dragon kick!! Needs wispy crazy streaming fire effects and a mess o’ tweens to fit the 1:12 time mark, but with a cross-panning BG and some crazy hot glow action on the sole of the shoes, flywires and et cetera, it ought to be a mite pretty.


Added tweens and effects layer.

c004 linestest

final lines for c004.

This one times in at about 32 frames on the animatic, but I think we can shave 8-12 frames from here and add them to c003 if we want to extend an effect into that cut.

c003 keys test

keys test for c003, as Nike kneels before taking off.

The animatic calls for 14 frames, which is a little tight, but I think we can rob from c004 a little (where she takes off). I’d like to do something neat in an effect on the flywires or the logo in this cut.

c006 keys test

keys test for c006. Hot shoe closeup action GO!

The slight hesitation that hits in the center of the shoe action just needs to be tweened out. Note that the grey square represents our action safety, so the composition has been extended out to the top and right for camera flex.

Meteor c001b keystest

Key frames and roughs for the hold in c001, wherein we see the mighty meteor on it’s apocalyptic approach.

There’s scaleup in the meteor itself to lend a sense of depth that won’t appear until composition, and we come into this after the a-part of c001, the big 180 roto-to-animation transformation cut.

Meteor c010b keys test

Keys and partial tweens for c010b, the second half of the final cut. This comprises the frames that take place after the white pop, and does NOT include any FX layers, only the line objects. Fragments raining down from the slowly shattering meteor are timed offset and accompany the larger chunks in their lateral drift (not seen here, since we still need to tween out the frames). We can also double up sequences and flip/rotate the groups to increase the number of falling fragments. Imagine it with a lot more flaming trails, twice the falling bits and a smouldering glow at the center of the slowly drifting, shattered mass.

Meteor c010a linestest

Partial linestest for c010a, the first half of the big meteor finale. This includes effects lines for the slipstreams and shockwaves, up to the point of the explosion.

The final three frames are keys for the slow drifting apart of the large chunks, from which we’ll get the small chunks that rain down and around. Still need some breakdown before handing that to tweens, and of course we still need raining chunks and falling superheroines before we can cap this cut.

A WIP frame of the meteor: