009-01 roughs + keys

009-01 builds off the action of 007-01 and 005-01, all of which show Lincoln working at his holo-interface. Here we’ve added more extreme lip movements in the second position, as well as adding new hand gestures.

The nature of these cuts (largely built from grouped actions) allows us to mix and match elements from each to create the additional variations in action needed to extend the times and even allow the cuts to be used more than once.

13-05 claymore

013-05 doesn’t have much in the way of frame animation, but elements of the still will be active (the lights on the detonator) and the sound cue will play out the rest of it.

layout roughs 006-01, 006-07, 012-01 & 012-06

As these four cuts all share a layout and minimal animation (with the exception of 012-01 and 06) we’ve grouped them together as a set. 006-01 and 07 have only minor actions, but the splatter in 012-01 may be as chunky as in 012-03, and the explosions in 06 will be fairly complex, since almost everything shifts and breaks apart as it the room collapses. Thankfully the shared elements between the cuts will help to balance some of the load.

010-01 rough

Rough animation for 010-01, seeing the Cleaner as he walks down the hall towards Lincoln’s door. The BG here is a simplified placeholder meant only for placement and scale reference.