J.Stache – WIP transform UPDATES

GIFs for the punch action and the transition between the mustache and the mullet.


With gold shit-kickin’ caps.

Redone mockup added as well. We can shift these around some, but I think the order they’re in now (perhaps with some better timing) works best.

J.Stache – WIP transform

Here are four GIFs that each run the four individual cuts for the transform. We still need his false-start masturbatory¬† fist pump, and maybe something for his boots. Attached is a mockup of the main four elements back-to-back. The animation on the cock thrust will also be more intense and probably repeat 3x. Imagine it with music and laser effects and color bursts and so forth. We’ll be replace the star bits at the end with the unicorns in trans-ams and such, we just put those in there for placeholder effects.

Get some.

Soon the world will be gay for J.O.


racer-oates.jpgThe very first post.

My honors.

This is our new endeavor to try and reach out to that outside world a little more and interact with our art as we make it. Which just boils down to: we’ll have to talk about our work more… show updates of things as they happen. That kinda crap. So here is the place where we share the riotous joy that is making cartoons. Our plan is to show you some of the insider making-of art, stories, gripes, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make animation. One frame at a time…