Added firing frames. Casings still to come.



Casings added. Bodies next.



Linestests for near BG characters falling to machinegun fire. With judicious timing these three can be doubled up for the half of the rotation that passes by before the transition.

Additional BG elements next.



Secondary BG characters with limited animation. One final plate and perhaps a nice explosion will round out the BG elements.


Fox’s “Wolf Guy: Saber”–cut SC03-c002

A key test and the subsequent tweened line test for cut SC03-c002 are shown in the following two gifs.

First, here is the cut with keys only.



Here is the same cut with tweens added.



[NOTE:  Muzzle flashes to be added with the next pass.]

Fox’s “Wolf Guy : Saber”

No VO, no real detail, no real sound design, just some of the quick ideas of half a day of animatic work to show some of the flow/motage ideas we’ve had to bring this spot to life…


Here are a few extra shots we left out in the edit, part of the lead up before the firing squad: