v2.2 animatic

Click image below for v2.2 animatic. New version being produced now with v10 audio track. The new supa-funny one. “Starting at sector one … er, zero.”

Spike TV bumper : Rednecks & Nailguns

Another unmade animatic. We jumped up and down on the table to try and get the suits to run with these out there ideas… but only found dead silence. This is an old one, but it is a great demonstration of how we make an animatic in less than a day.

JiJ : Mista Moutain Character pin-up

Another character splash from Fates in-house project, Joe is Japanese, the enigmatic Mister Mountain. As with most all of the Joe character shots, I was trying to be all metaphorical… Yama-sama is calm and cool under fire, contemplative but capable of powerful action…

But if anyone could trim bonsai while performing crane kata and dodging arrows, it might be Mountain.

You like the flag at all? I was being expirmental and trying to go for a bit of quick sumi-e style watercolor effect, basically using the smear tool a good bit.

At any rate, we got the last bit of sound recording for Joe 3 done. There’s a bit of dialogue sync to be assembled still, and that should be it. Be on the lookout.

Joe is Japanese is © Humouring the Fates Inc., all that jazz. We’ve got a splash shot for every main character, so you can expect to see these trickling down for a bit to come. Color versions too!

Maintain Composure : Pencil Test Edit

An early, early pencil test stage edit for a project about two rival composers in a strange universe where the only form of artistic expression is musical.  It does have some damn good lip sync animation in it if we can say so ourselves…