004-10 keys

Getting into the bug bits. Clean keys for the bug’s abdomen transformation, firing the fiberoptic threads into the processors. Still needs the eyebeam laser effect.

010-01 rough

Rough animation for 010-01, seeing the Cleaner as he walks down the hall towards Lincoln’s door. The BG here is a simplified placeholder meant only for placement and scale reference.


Rough frames for 013-01. The first part of this sequence also covers 11-03, knocking out two in one.

Kali redesign

Possible configurations of Kali’s costume.

The initial design roughs suggested a more complicated and random positioning of the gems which would be difficult to animate, and stands in contrast with the more patterned composition of the stones on her forehead (which are in turn intended to be a contrast against the more chaotic growths of Benny’s stones).

As a solution we suggest reducing the number of gems and placing them in consistent positions. The pattern chosen here is open to revision, but suggest a good base grouping that carries the design theme of her forehead gems. We can increase the number of gems, but in doing so the chances of position drift also rise, as well as considerations of production time.

The second aspect of the initial design that may be in question was that of her clothing (or lack thereof). Designs A and D suggest various skin-tight options, while C combines a line pattern with nudity, and B suggests nudity but excludes detail. The line patterns in A and C may also serve as effects layers, glowing or pulsing to indicate forces being generated.

007-01 keys

key frames for 007-01. This is a match to 005-01, but requires all new frames as his posture and attitude have changed significantly from the previous cut. We’ll still re-use some elements like BG renders and some of the FG effects.

006-02 and 006-05 keys

Scene 006, cuts 02 and 05 are match cuts (012-04 as well), so by taking down this one we’ll run through three on the shot list.

Not much action in 006-02, it establishes the character (01 establishes scene, o3 reinforces his condition as established here). To keep it from being too static we’ve added a slow, exaggerated blink suitable for someone under heavy sedation, and fine line of drool running off the chin.

006-05 is much more frame-intense. We’ve moved through about 2/3 of the scientists keys, and set up Benny’s slow chair raising action. Still to key are the actions of the headrest as it opens up and removes the injector.