c010, 018 & 022 – Principle Line Animation Complete!

The last and easiest cuts of the set, cuts 010, 018 and 22. This marks the completion of all line animation as laid out in the shot list/storyboards (I think we’re waiting on tweens to post the linestest for c002 and c007), and there’s some minor corrections here and there (need a rope for c016, some plasma fire and impacts in 014 and 016 ), but those are minor elements that should be easily completed over the weekend.

We’d still like to consider adding one unlisted shot, where a couple Grunts run out of ammo during the hallway scenes (c024-030) and thus explaining why we go from firefight to fistfight, but it’s not listed in the boards. We think we can pull it out in a day, but it’s not yet been determined if it’s needed. Flats, shadows and composites are proceeding on schedule.

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