c025 keys

C025, Church exits the tunnel and runs into the larger hallway, flattening some poor tree turkey out of his natural element.

This cut originally continues on for another second or so as the camera follows Church, but there’s a thought that this cut might play interestingly with c026 if we cut it right at this point, and the sound of Church’s impact cuts against the report of Grif’s battle rifle and the sounds of the fight back in the control room, creating a nice blend of crashing and gunfire. One opposing concern may be whether or not Church’s situation reads clearly if we don’t follow along with him and see him catch his balance before cutting away. The next cut in which we see Church skating behind the rocket is c027, and from there we cut between Simmons directing the rocket and Church flailing about as he swings left and right.

Something to consider. We can go ahead and build the cut out to it’s intended length and still cut at this point, but with animation it’s always more painful to leave frames on the cutting room floor…


Full keys and partial cleanup. The “camera” (actually, the background) shifts into motion to follow Church’s momentum as he exits the tunnel and drags the broken Jackal along for a short distance.

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