JiJ : 3 episodes in 1

Not sure how this is going to be animated yet… but OMG this is EXACTLY what we think the show is supposed to be about. If you were to ask the IslandMasta while sober (that’s him over there in a typical pose), he might agree…

2 Replies to “JiJ : 3 episodes in 1”

  1. interesting. can’t wait till the animation?

    BTW, Just an FYI, “little” is spelled wrong.

    we’re going to have to cut “Nova” just bleep after “No-beep”…hehe

    What would be funny is when I mention the “Nigerian” part, BJ makes a cameo “Say what! Did that bitch really say that?”, you say…”uh…huh…”
    “I’m gonna kill him.”

    “girl spit”….lol…holding back laughter

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