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  1. Most important note: the battle rifle should fire in 3 round bursts.

    2nd most important note: Grif looks a bit too yellow, he is light orange. Simmons looks a bit too red, he is maroon. This is important to get right because we also have a true red character (Sarge) and a true yellow character (Sister).

    Lastly, the focus effect looks awesome, but should Grif be the focal point of this shot? Is he talking? Simmons would probably have the most important action here in terms of clarity of the narrative.


  2. Thanks! Regular caps make us happy enough. 🙂

    The three-round burst issue has already been addressed, it was just a comp note that got missed. In addition, the framerate on the bursts is kicked up so that it flickers more in time with the proper effect.

    We can change the colors pretty easily, so that’s not a problem. Part of the difficulty in dialing them in is that lighting effects in the composite can sometimes mess with the original flats, so we have to adjust the hue to bring it back. It tends to be off in the early composites (like this one), but it’s something we can adjust as we go until we get it right.

    Re: the compositional focus on Grif, this cut actually works for four separate shots. In order to reduce the number of total drawings, we reuse the composition and assembly frames, then polish it off with a cool straight move (the tackle and punch). In c030, the last cut to use these frames, Grif gets tackled as he’s overrun (and he does have dialogue at that point), and since we’re building up to that moment we set up the focus of the composition to match.

    Even though we reuse these drawing for four cuts, we’ve done a couple things to de-emphasize that fact. The composition of c024 is very similar to what we have here, but in 026 and 028 we’re pushed in tighter on Simmons, and in c030 we’ve dropped the camera ever so slightly so that we can see more of Grif as he steps back, and more of Simmons as he has his jewels cracked. In the final comp, only the fans who watch this again and again will likely notice, and even then it works so long as it looks good.

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