c032 initial keys

Initial rough keys for Simmons’s first grunt smack. He twists back to the right in the next move to take out another grunt, and then we cut to c033. c034 is a match cut to this, however, so we’ll continue through this cut and into that one.

Fight scenes are an interesting devil in that you often have to reverse-engineer the movement of anyone getting struck, determining the point of impact and then working backwards along the target character’s motions so that they move into position for the hit. It’s easy enough when we only have to work back and handful of frames (as in the case of this grunt) but it gets a little trickier when you increase the time (as in the case of the second one). Given enough time, though, it can open up some fun possibilities.

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  1. The speed (and the sound effect) sells the impact, so it’s hard to catch an action like that without slowing it down a little, but we’ll put a wobble in his head between keys 07 and 10 (if you save the GIF you can break down the frames in a couple different programs to see the individual drawings). From 10 he flips over and finishes his arc to crash just below frame (and saving us the trouble of tracking him after that point, Dirty Animation Trick no.3756 :D).

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