Fates at NYTVF


We’re just on a roll this year. When first met Keith he was just starting his first season on 30 Rock. He had a killer idea for a cartoon that could be made for nickels. Normally we pride ourselves to make the best, high-quality animation possible. Keith convinced us to make the crappiest animation we had ever done. But you know what? It became charming. So here it is. Keith Powell’s Nate & Abe. It has one of the best casts we have ever seen for a cartoon like, David Wain, Robert Ben Garant, Alyssa Milano, Rachel Dratch, Aubrey Plaza, and John Lutz just to name a few.

We are premiering a 22 minute episode at the New York Television Festival, which is the frickin place to premier a new pilot. Nate & Abe is about best friends and high school freshmen who are desperate to ‘branch out’ from the insular world they’ve known their entire lives and explore their differences. But when the road to diversity is paved with perverted principals, racist parents, Mandingo porn, gay bullies, and obnoxiously large-breasted cheerleaders, Nate and Abe begin to realize that the bond that connects them is greater than the ones that divide them. Here, watch a clip:


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