Our animated film is cleaning up on the festival circuit

screamfest2Winning awards too. We won best short at Scream Fest in Los Angles, the biggest horror festival on the west coast… maybe the world. It definitely is the biggest horror industry event out there. Lots of fake blood too.

Here’s a pic of über producer Jen Luk hoisting the 728 lb golden skull award for our 2.5D animated film POSTHUMAN. That’s also how she deals with slacking animators too, just lifts them by the neck for a good throttling. Look for Jen & Cole on tour with the film as it plows through the festival circuit. We play Australia next mate.

While we’re tootin’ our horn on this, you can read the high praises from these Twich Film,  Film Threat, Go See Talk, and Ain’t It Cool News  reviews.

Now it might be time to get a network to turn this into a bonafide series dammit.


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