Mista Mountain’s Fight for the Yamamote Line!

Wow, I guess we haven’t posted anything for a while.  We’ve been really busy on animation projects that we can’t really share or post about here. Yeah, we sold portions of our souls to Marvel\Disney… but not to worry… we’re still your favorite  indie animation studio.  To prove that fact, we proud to announce our first fully in-house produced video game. Sure we’ve done a ton of game work in the past for clients like Ubisoft, EA, Bungie, and Microsoft, but we’ve never developed our own game from start to finish in-house.

So because we haven’t updated in forever, we’re going to show you guys everything from the very beginning on this game development. This game is going to be centered around the Mista Mountain character from the Joe is Japanese series and his epic battle to rid the Yamanote Line of the Chimpira scourge.  Basically it’s a 2D side scrolling fighter. We’re trying to get inventive in this old school genre. The real-life Mista Mountain has a unique fighting style and we’re going to attempt to capture his techniques  in a fun to play head-crackin’ scroller, about his real life exploits on the train loop of Tokyo, Japan.

Stay tuned for a ton of updates as we develop this game.  Keep a close eye here on our animation studios’ production blog for on-going updates… and eventually maybe even some playable beta versions!


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  1. What!!! A Mista Moutain game!?!? dude that is best news I’ve heard today. I have always wondered how this guy moved. or how he beat up all those bitches on the yamamote line.

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