006-02 and 006-05 keys

Scene 006, cuts 02 and 05 are match cuts (012-04 as well), so by taking down this one we’ll run through three on the shot list.

Not much action in 006-02, it establishes the character (01 establishes scene, o3 reinforces his condition as established here). To keep it from being too static we’ve added a slow, exaggerated blink suitable for someone under heavy sedation, and fine line of drool running off the chin.

006-05 is much more frame-intense. We’ve moved through about 2/3 of the scientists keys, and set up Benny’s slow chair raising action. Still to key are the actions of the headrest as it opens up and removes the injector.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for sharing all these line tests. I’m lovin’ them! If you guys release this sci-fi project on dvd, I’d buy it ASAP… especially if it includes a bunch of behind the scenes material 🙂

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