New boards: Sc013-Sc015

The final sets of boards fit in a single thread. As always, click a thumbnail to view the full frame or the sequence as a whole.

In scene 013, cut 01, we return to Lincoln right where we left off with the boot through the door.

A looming shot of the smashed doorway (013-02) shows the Cleaner in full form (design to be determined) as he steps into the room and delivers a pair of double-taps from his suppressed pistols with ruthless efficiency.

This means little to the holographic forms of Nine and Lincoln, as the bullets pass through their images and strike the surrounding environment.

The cleaner leans in close to the smiling form of Lincoln as his image sputters.

The cleaner then looks down camera right

Angled up to camera left is a claymore anti-personnel device fitted with a remote detonator and a jaunty note.

Scene 014 cuts to an exterior of the building as an explosion blows out a corner office. We may be able to re-use the exterior shot from 001-01, allowing for a nice bookend of cuts.

015 starts with a low angle of Lincoln and Nine, who glance at each other with a satisfied expression and then walk out to the sunset as the dialogue plays out.

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  1. Thought for eliminating some animation in logical sense: Remove 013-04_001 through 002 — REASON: how many times have you watched a movie where character knows it’s a set-up and still pokes around. Cleaner fires at holo-Lincoln and that should be enough. He knows it’s a set-up. He doesn’t need to poke his nose around any further.

    If 013-05 is included, please add match cut of him being shredded in blast (see initial boards) – otherwise, I believe unnecessary – let me know thoughts otherwise.

    Sc 015-02_001 thru 004: please hew tightly to Casablanca framing of characters walking away, audience will note it and respond.

    Specific note from Jen: back of Lincoln’s coat has odd back vent in relation to rest of coat. It seems like the type of jacket that Lincoln is wearing wouldn’t have a vent, so please remove the vent from the back of Lincoln’s jacket.

    Could list all things that we dig about boards, but I have to get up tomorrow for work — all looks amazing, please continue and continue to swing for the cheap seats!

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