JiJ : The 1st date on a plane

An early, early edit of the latest Joe is Japanese episode’s audio. Normally we don’t post WIP that are this early on, but Joe really wanted to hear what a mPUA he is. 😉 This takes place on an airplane as Joe & Miyuki sit two seats and an aisle apart… That fact will not deter them from some flirty talk. The reactions of the other passengers trapped between them should be priceless (as soon as we actually find the moment to record them). Quicktime after the jump with BOTH english and Japanese subtitles.

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  1. Just passing along an idea. Let me know what you think. This is for the Joe and Miyuki voice over since you’ve added that Joe is a MPUA, maybe this can be a playful “how to” or “tutorial” if you will, with periodic ‘freezes’ or ‘breaks’ in the animation with either a miniturized professor in a labcoat or you in a labcoat with a pointer stick narrating.

    For instance:
    1.) Joe sees Miyuki board the same flight…eyeing her like a wolf would it’s prey. The little professor can point to two chalk boards. One with my eyes, the other with wolfs eyes.
    2.) Joe sits across from her. “Getz” (as they say in Japanese)
    **The prof. with katakana “Gettsu” and the strategizing going through Joe’s brain.
    3.) He initiates the conversation, which leads to the trap.
    **The prof. narrating that Joe is going with Plan A, but he always has a
    Plan B, and Ultimate Failover Plan (in katakana)
    4.) Joe seems genuinely interested, but is he truly.
    **You might say that, yes Joe is genuinely interested in her because without genuineness this will never work, however alterior motives always exists. Maybe the prof points to Joe’s head filled with clocks and gears.
    5.) He see’s an opportunity to go for the jugular. Seemingly playing the charmer, he skips forward to his “Ultimate Failover Plan” which is “Lets go to Love Hotel”
    6.) It seems to work, but Miyuki’s final comment is “OK, but only if you can find one 16000 feet in the air”

    Maybe the passengers are listening and they are Japanese.

    Finally, “Ga-an” (katakana) Joe’s plan fails.

    So if you like this, Michi would need to add the final comment.

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