New boards: Sc012

Scene 012 is the most extensive of the new additions, and requires its own thread. Ironically it only calls for two new unique cuts, but the additional action is significant. As before, click any thumbnail to view a single frame or the full sequence.

Cutting away from the action at Lincoln’s place, we return to the lab with a match of 006-01. Kali appears in the middle of the room (teleport effect to be determined) before a deeply doped Benny, and the attendants have barely a handful of frames to react before they’re splattered against nearby surfaces with explosive force, reducing them to chunky paste.

02 is a gesture towards camera, but without looking it makes the gesture dismissive. Kali’s full-body design needs to be addressed and modeled, but for the purpose of the boards we’re using a placeholder based on the description of “winding tattoos”.

03 displays the interior of the observation chamber (match 006-04) with the head scientist leaning forward to shout just before he and everyone in the room receives a similar explosive liquidation.

In 012-04 the belts that restrain poor Benny gently unbuckle themselves and his catatonic form is lifted into the air.

05 is a small movement that emphasizes the tenderness of the character.

In 06 the pair vanish, leaving with a singularity effect that draws in everything nearby in the moment before the scene is consumed by fiery blasts.

3 Replies to “New boards: Sc012”

  1. F-ESPer Design – I will deliver by end of weekend. Drawing naked beautiful women, rough job…

    Violence: it would be nice to see bone, intestine, and large skin flaps within the liquidations. Otherwise, brilliant.

    012-05_001 Notes: please have M-ESPer right hand down when holding F-ESPer. Heads at equal level – they’re lovers and the board appears to be more mother/child. Reference initial boards as well as feature Minority Report framing – questions as always, please contact me.

    other note – 012-06_001: Awesome Framing of Characters!

  2. Re: 012-05_001 Notes: M-ESPer right hand down — or behind her holding her back, I think I remember that being discussed.

  3. The more I think about this — Violence: it would be nice to see bone, intestine, and large skin flaps within the liquidations. — the more I think it’s probably unnecessary extra work. However the ESPer squish is handled, I’m sure it will look cool!

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