New boards: Sc007-Sc011

New script additions required new boards, so we’re scratching scene 007 forward from the old shot list and adding approximately 8 new scenes. With match cuts and judicious planning the amount of new animation is significant but not overwhelming. Click any thumbnail image to view that frame or the entire sequence in order.

We start the new scene 007 with a lot more action in place, the hand motions and facial movement of Lincoln will be more varied to match the dialogue. New cuts to 007 include a closeup of his hands working various holofeedback boards and a rapid-fire view of the various windows and dialogue screens that flash across his console.

Scene 008 is all-new, a long view of a hallway somewhere in the building. The hallway is dusty and dilapidated. Details to be determined on layout. The lights in the ceiling flicker and die as the elevator rises into place and the doors open to reveal the Cleaner in silhouette.

Scene 009 cuts back to Lincoln as he works more furiously at his controls. This scene will probably involve some simple lip sync. It’s a match cut for 005-01 and 007-01, allowing us to reuse the background and some foreground elements and simplifying the drawing process a bit.

010 is a low and long shot of the hallway at a reverse angle, a single door the only destination, and the boots of the Cleaner move from the extreme foreground into the scene with a Terminator-like stride.

011 match cuts to 002-01, allowing us to build on the dog’s base frame. He lifts his head to look off-camera, then back towards Lincoln. A bead of sweat runs down his forehead as reflections of holographic screens flash across his lenses. We get a view of a reinforced door with several locks that are of no effect when the Cleaner’s boot smashes through the wood like kindling.


Upon review, we need to flip the direction of the action in scene 010 and the final cut of 011, so that the Cleaner’s motion is right-left (emphasizing that he’s coming up behind Lincoln. This also works better with Nine’s look to camera right in 011-01, as the Cleaner will be moving left in 10.

One Reply to “New boards: Sc007-Sc011”

  1. Cleaner Movement: Right to Left for all – agreed.

    Sc 008 Hallway in Building: interesting to make clean and high tech – otherwise add dripping water from above floors ala Blade Runner. Other suggestions would just cause more work so proceed either way with knowledge that it will look amazing.

    I dig everything else – just looks amazing with too much to list but do want to note that 008-01_005 Cleaner has red eyes and that looks very cool.

    Moving on…

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