004-01 rough layout keys

Rough keys for the bug’s entry into the air shaft. The roughs for c004-02 (the cam follow along the air shaft) show the bug starting cam left and pushing to the right, so having the bug hover momentarily before flying into cam right here makes for a nice transition between cuts 01 and 02.

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  1. Bug looks amazing!

    Edges of the hole can be more melted looking and go from red hot to quickly cooling (due to the cold rushing air) as bug on outside of vent burns hole for access.

    The hole the bug burns in to the vent wall could be quite a bit smaller.

    The pause at 0055 should be the bug prepping to travel down what is essentially a raging wind tunnel – if navigated improperly, the wind could tear the bug apart. Bug would hunker down, angle it’s body for wind, adjust it’s wings before pushing off vent and directly into wall of high-pressure air.

    If bug flies (or is essentially propelled) frame left to frame right at end (is this specifically for close-up at end?), bug might want to crawl into vent at different angle.

    Would like to note, there is little to no lighting within the vent – the only light is coming from very small hole and bug itself.

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