004-09 BG layout

Proper background layout for the board that the wasp hacks into. While not based on any particular board, the layout and such is based on a variety of internal computer parts. When cleaned up more of the detail will be apparent. The path of the wasp is largely unchanged, but some of the planes will allow for layering to create a nice depth effect.

3 Replies to “004-09 BG layout”

  1. This appears to be the insides of a PC and not a server.
    If UAV Bug climbs inside of server, my request would be to hew closer in appearance to inside of server than PC.

  2. At least the above is my initial throught — maybe this is intended to be a 4U?
    Would like more info or better understanding of system.

  3. It is a 4U rack design. There is enough room for the bug to fly into scene most importantly. The quad processors can be seen sitting at 45 degree angles to rest of the board, with 4 FSB’s surround each one.

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