002-01 Keys test

Keys, tweens and roughs for Cut 002-01. Only a little cleanup left on this one.

“Grouped actions” are little sets of partial frames that can be intercut in multiple ways to create longer sequences. It’s important not to over-use them in rapid succesion in order to avoid echo action, but when properly composed they’re indispensable.

3 Replies to “002-01 Keys test”

  1. I really dig this, dog is great, cam angle and character really works.
    Would request hand movements slowed down by quarter, possibly half and noted swirling action lines in the air referencing Hacker’s hand movements, curious if we could remove them. Unclear of the difficulty of these alterations – wanted to note them at the least.

  2. The action lines you’re noticing are related to the rough in-between frames that still need to be cleaned up. They won’t appear in the final lines test.

    There’s usually three types of pre-comp animated previews uploaded for review; rough motion tests, keys tests, and lines tests. In a keys test, only the key frames are completed. Breakdowns and tweens may be rough or missing depending on how necessary it is to fill in the action with a rough drawing before in-betweening it.

    We can slow down the action overall by separating the groups more clearly. We can slow down individual actions with timing extension or, if necessary, additional frames. For a slight slowdown of the action, we can adjust the timing in the final composition, so it’s not difficult at all.

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