002-02 & 007-02 roughs

rough animation for cut 002-02, which ties up scene 002. The focus of the action is the movements of the right arm, which manipulates some sort of tracking holographic input (possibly flying the bug, or aiming it’s cutting laser for 004-01).

Cut 007-02 was originally matched to cut 002-01, but on further consideration 002-01 is set pretty far out for the action in 007-02. We think matching to 002-02 instead will allow us to show the same action from a better angle. We can change up the base frame easily enough to avoid making it a complete match.

One Reply to “002-02 & 007-02 roughs”

  1. 02-02 looks very cool, really dig the “tracking holographic input” and great hand actions.

    07-02 would like to see either an extension on the head and tail of animation – or possibly his arm movements should be wider and also include a little head shift. Would like to discuss further before any action is taken on 07-02 to ensure this is the correct path.

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