Board edits – 12 to 14

Cut 12 begins the gruesome sequence of Doom. While we’ve already submitted board edits for c016 (the headscraping) and 017 (the splattery squeeze-n-drop), 12-14 covers the bonebreaking.

Cut 12 is a medium shot similar to the one seen in the animatic. A long 3/4 angle lets us emphasize the depth cues between the near and far limbs as they spin in opposite directions, pulverizing each bone into splinters. We can also use this beat to provide the Soldier with a bit of expression before the pain begins.

C13 is a match cut to 10, and here we break the legs in a fashion similar to c12, by torquing each part of the limb in a counterwise direction along the joints and the axis.

C14 allows us to see the fully ruined limbs of the Soldier as he is crushed ever more tightly in the grip of the Patient’s psychic abilities.  Blood begins to pour from his clothing, and we also see the utterly nonchalant non-reaction of the Scientists in the background.

The remaining cuts in Scene 006 are near enough to the animatic that we can proceed to the layout phase, wherein the roughs represent the final drawings more closely and lead up to the construction of the actual animation frames.

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  1. 006-12-001:
    The Soldier was aware this could happen, he’d heard the rumors about the tests and the freaks (he signed up for the test in order to reduce his sentence) – and he fights angrily to the end (he is a bit of a maniac, after all).

    Male-ESPer is losing control with ESPer power surging through his body, his hands are flung open and his head tilted (back, to the side?).

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