Board edits – 08 to 11

In cut 08 the soldier walks towards camera (tracking with), readies his weapon and fires. We’ve added a 3-point tactical sling to the weapon design, and included a chambering action prior to the trigger pull. While he still fires into the extreme foreground, we’ve moved him a few degrees off the perpendicular to avoid covering the action with the muzzle blast.

C09 is an insert cut to show the first reaction of the Patient as the bullets slam into the air before his face. It’s a very fast cut (starting as it does with the weapon already firing) and pushes the camera back very fast to help sell the impact and allow room for his arms to swing up into the air before him

C10 is one of the only cuts where we maintain a camera perpendicular to the action, for a couple reasons. As the primary intention of the cut is to illustrate sustained fire with a closing gap, a straight angle that clearly shows the space between the characters is most effective. In addition there’s a few tricks we’ll be able to use to save resources that won’t work as effectively at a sharper angle.

We also suggest an interruption to the fire that allows the Soldier to reload. A fully-loaded automatic weapon can empty a clip in just 4-6 seconds. A rapid reload action not only grounds the weapon in a realistic manner but also helps to display the professional, cold skills of the Soldier (who never slows down his stride nor pauses more than necessary in his steady rate of fire).

c11 is where it all goes wrong for cold, professional skills. The Patient goes from deflecting the bullets to a sweeping motion that simultaneously pushes wide the limbs of the soldier, forcing him into a pose similar to that of the Patient. His weapon drops to his chest and his arms are stretched back to the breaking point. This cut is similar to the version in the animatic, but delays the most gruesome action until the following beat.

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  1. S F/X note: Soldiers actions leading up to attack are coordinated by the sound tones (see animatic).

    Nitpick – 006-08-004/005: soldier form while holding rifle could be a bit more trained. His body angled and leaned a bit forward to absorb the recoil. His left shoulder out more, elbow down. His right leg a bit further back.

    006-09-001 thru 004:
    Male ESPer initial board should show his continued state of grogginess as the recently injected drug slowly pulls him from his state of unconscious. This should be right before 09-002 — BLAM!
    Either alter 001 or add board before 001 (000?) – to show grogginess.

    006-10-001 thru 007:
    Bullets to curve around ESPer field (see animatic) and leave holes in wall behind ESPer. If possible, through attack sequence, it would be cool (if possible) to see bullets buzzing through ESPer shield, slapping back wall and leaving holes.

    006-10-005 thru 006:
    These two boards, Male-ESPer head slumped down on chest and arms lowered, drained. The M-ESPer is barely conscious and barely able to defend himself. The ESPer power is driving the self defense, not the conscious individual, so when the Soldier attack stops, the M-ESPer almost falls back into unconsciousness.

    006-11-001 thru 003:
    Good hand use for these three boards – after 11-003, the M-ESPer loses control and no longer has controlled hand or body use – no more clenched hands and direct M-ESPer to Soldier puppet action and need to show a serious loss of control by M-ESPer.

  2. For first clip, can sustained fire equal continuous three round bursts?
    Second clip, he snaps over to full-auto.

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