Board edits – S006 C02 & 05

Scene 006 is (along with 004) the most animation-intensive series of cuts within the short, and as such we’ll break the board edits into a couple of entries. As before, please click any board to open the full sequence. We have only recomposed boards for which significant changes are suggested.

In C02 , we’ve adjusted the camera angle down and to the left slightly, mostly to get us off the perpendicular angle. This angle is also most suitable for the action in C05, which is a match cut for 02.

In C05 a Lab Tech walks in from Left, injects the contents of a wicked-long syringe into the IUD port and then activates a few buttons on the back of the chair before leaving Left. The chair rises to the standing position, and the neck restraints disengage (the injector in the back of the neck leaves a small line of goo from the neck to the port to emphasize the connection without seeing the actual mechanism).

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  1. Overall the Male ESPer is kept in a near catatonic state.
    The injection by the doctor is there to wake him up just enough, and long enough, to defend himself and get readings on his powers – not enough to be awake enough to attempt an escape (in other words, not very conscious if at all).

    006-02-001 thru 008: M-ESPer should be slumped over indicating his highly drugged state.

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