Board retakes – Scene 004

The majority of scene 004 (the UAV bug’s infiltration of the base) is unchanged, but we’re suggesting some significant changes to the part in which the bug gains access to the computer. We maintain the same number of cuts, but the action and the camera angles are new. Please click on any thumbnail in the sequence below to see the full frame, and use the controls on the popup to navigate through the frames.

Starting at Scene 004 cut 008, the bug lands upon the back of a server and enters the casing through the vents. Once inside (004-09) it hops from the wall to the motherboard, and from there to the processor, then leaps to a cooling vent in the foreground. While moving on surfaces its actions should be sharp and fast, much like an insects normally is (also conveniently saves on frames).

004-10 displays our new concept for the interface. There seemed to be a general agreement that the “jack” interface wasn’t quite working for anyone, so we’ve tried something new. The wasp’s segmented abdomen retracts to reveal an articulated eye and triple-barreled microfiberoptic relay. Once the processor is targeted, the relay fires fiberoptic cables into the foreground.

004-10A is an insert shot, but it’s a match cut with 004-09 so the added content is negligible. The shot is needed to show how the fiberoptic cables extend from the abdomen of the wasp to connectors on the processor, allowing the Hacker to gain direct access to the network.

004-11 illustrates that the bug is transmitting, as it did before. We’ve added a little animation in the extension of the antennae. The radiating circles are intended as a graphic device rather than a literal visual effect… intermittent light pulses and an accompanying sound effect will telegraph the “transmission” impression.

The final image is a new model sheet detailing the modified interface relay. The wasp design remains largely unchanged, as the new mechanisms fit entirely within the abdomen, which was already designed with articulated plates.

3 Replies to “Board retakes – Scene 004”

  1. I like the idea.
    Regarding the server rack, servers, motherboard, etc. please hew as close to reality as possible.

  2. Great Bug tail design, btw: think this could be a highlight of the piece.

    Inside the 1U, it would be cool to really limit the lighting and play with the darkness as the Bug makes it’s way around.

  3. Detail thought: Going from extremely cold temps to hot temps would create a cool look of quickly building (almost time-lapse looking) beads of condensation on the macro close-up of the Bug.
    The Bug, which is metal, has been inside the HVAC vent pumping pressurized cold air and then flew down a cold aisle before crawling inside a hot server – condensation!
    The lights in the scene and on the Bug reflecting through the condensation beads would look very intense.

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