Board retakes – Scene 002

We’ve got new boards for those cuts in which we would like to make significant modifications to the layout or the composition.

Scene 002 (the Hacker’s room) has been tweaked, but the action is still matched to the animatic. The first cut (002-01) has been shifted back and a sleeping guard dog added to the foreground. 002-02 is shifted to slightly behind and over the shoulder to add some depth to the shot and show the holographic displays more clearly. 003 is another angle shift, and shows how we’ll round the projected data to simulate the shape of the lens.

One Reply to “Board retakes – Scene 002”

  1. Hacker retakes 002 – 01 to 03 all look fantastic.
    Hacker Details: 1) research books stacked and scattered around the room. 2) gun strapped to underside of table. 3) medium to large cool looking “guard” dog. If you use a dog, it would be cool to have the dog’s eyes glint in the darkness (is it tech or natural or a Blade Runner replicant dog? – we don’t know).

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