PH Designs 05

More model design updates:

We’ve made some small adjustments to the girl, based on received notes and the suggest model.

Given that we end on her opening eye, there’s some question of whether the eye should look in any way artificial or manipulated, like the eyes on the patient.

In addition we’ve added a new, preliminary design rough for the lead scientist character (dubbed “the Doktor” for the moment) based on the provided model’s features.

One Reply to “PH Designs 05”

  1. Female ESPer – this is absolutely the right direction, she has a great look. One final request before locking her design down would be to add a gem pattern over her body and not just the six visible on her forehead. All ESPers have growths over their bodies and nerve pathways. Each body is different, therefore, each pattern is different.

    Scientist: more wrinkles to indicate his age, most importantly and especially his forehead.

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