Matching 006-06, 09 and 15 + Bullet FX

Match cuts are those where the angle of the shot are close enough such that we can get the most use out of multiple resources.

Cut 06 (of Scene 006) is the one in which the Patient first wakes up, groggy and disoriented. These three keys are cleaner than usual for Layout but represent a good example of final line and design. The Patient’s eyes roll without focus, his mouth shifts without words, but he’s becoming more lucid.

Cut 015 is the close-up screaming, where we see the Patient go full nutty, gems glowing and veins pumping. We’ve rotated it off the perpendicular and set up an angle that reinforces the previous shots and works as a counterpoint angle to that of the Soldier in the next cut (the headscraper). We can also incorporate rapid camera push into the Patient’s face to highlight his movement forward

Cut 09 is the first in which we see the bullet deflection effect. Similar to cut 15, except that we’re pushing out rather than in. The beginning expression of the Patient is similar to that of cut 06, but it rapidly escalates as the bullets keep coming.

The three attached clips showcase three bullet deflection effects which all wrap the flight around the ESPer but do it in slightly different ways. Let us know which one of these works best and we can refine the effect further.

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  1. Thought / Option

    M-ESPer – Anger to Fear

    006-15-11: looks duly fierce and out of control with eyebrows furrowed.
    Wondering about adding board -12 showing M-ESPer afraid of the surging powers, eyebrows raised in fear indicating he cannot stop release and is totally out of control.

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