PH Designs 02

Second round of design based on the animatic, script and board postings.

For our Patient Zero we modified his wheelchair to be a bit more hi-tech and incorporated restraints into his clothing as well as the chair. There’s some question still as to how outwardly “artificial” he should appear… small seams in his skin and technical markings in areas such as the face, tongue or eyeballs might emphasize it in greater or lesser ways.

We looked to a combination of crystal structure and bone mutations which result in skin-piercing spurs (real stuff, very scary) as the inspiration for the primitive growths that serve as the focus and visual cue of his powers. They can be more or less jewel-like and faceted depending on whether we make them more crystalline or more bony.

Next up is Our Lady Of The Jar, who’s psychic stone growths appear more as polished gems rather than painful growths. The pattern of the stones is less random and more spaced to resemble a maangtika or a ferroniere  (basically forehead jewelry).

Flowing, floaty hair can be very time-consuming to animate well (lots of mixed wave-forms), so while we want so show that she has a full head of hair, we can trick the amount of frames down by containing it in some interesting way. We might also incorporate the prop as part of the larger apparatus that surrounds here, with cables leading out of the sides or lights that indicate activity.

Our design of the “bug” starts with the basic form of a wasp, in this case Vespa Mandarinia. Also known as the Giant Asian Hornet, it measures about 2-3 inches and is powerfully venomous.

It’s also a good basis for the study of wasp anatomy, since it’s so big that the details of taxonomy and anatomy are readily apparent. Our little mecha-wasp has a similar basic structure and outward appearance, but replaces biology with technology and adds in a few tricks (like retractable antennae and a wide-range multi-spectrum visual array with macrotelescopic depth options.

I don’t know what any of that means, but it sounds awesome.

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  1. 1. Patient (MaleESPer) I really dig the skin seams and generally the breakdown is very nice. Would like to keep him out of a straight jacket for the animation, giving him the opportunity to throw his hands up in defense of the Soldier attack. I dig the neck injection point – nice and gristly. I think I like the barcode on the upper left brow. Would like to see the upper and lower row of teeth less wide, allowing them to be more visible in the out of control scream, more facial lines (though that might be a pain in the ass to animate – let me know if that would be pushing it — or if I already have) and at the end, there could even be tears as well as snot and drool. ESPer moles look great – would like to see the middle range glow variations! Lower left hand corner ESPer variation, very cool — I’ll keep that character in mind for the series.
    2. All the Female ESPer designs look very cool. Would like to ensure there is no question she looks of age and is very nonchalantly nude. Will think of an actress to use as reference.
    3. The UAV Bug simply rocks! The Mitsubishi logo on the forehead was pretty slick – can we get away with that? We certainly dug it. Dying to see this in color with the illuminated pin-lights! One item of note – the Bug tail transforms into a fiber jack, allowing The Hacker to tap into the server room.

    Overall, amazing stuff – just blown away and can’t wait to see more!

  2. MaleESPer Moles: can we try some skin growth over the moles? Some black mottled mole growth for the glow to glow under and finally through?

  3. Female ESPer: rescinding age comment – it carries too much baggage – more to the point (hopefully), would like facial design modeled after actress Eva Green.

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