Eastern Conference Champions – The Box

This is the video we made with the boys from the Eastern Conference Champions. By far the most interesting song we’ve ever made a video for… We used an new untested (until this production) rotoscope process on this video. The actual techniques we used on this is a bit of a secret, but we will say we did use a ouija board to channel a rather hyperactive spirit from 1985 that claimed to supply the cocaine to the animation crew during production of A-Ha’s rotoscoped video. This paranormal entity’s tweaked advice, was particularly useless so we just kinda winged it…

Also, note the psychopaths’ line dance in the video. If you learn this dance before you hit an ECC concert, you can join all the other people on the dance floor in a post modern hipster mating ritual that always ends in heaping handfuls of ass.

Trust us.

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