Lupin III

Back in 2005, Humouring the Fates Inc. agreed to create a special treat for Tampa’s runaway hit anime convention MetroCon. In honor of their big-name guest, Lupin III creator “Monkey Punch“, we threw our resources into creating a short work of original animation that would begin the opening ceremonies of the convention. We here at Fates are big Lupin fans, and we really wanted to created something that would excite the fans and show our love. I think we did allright. Check out the full short after the jump, and let us know what you think.

This short film is the result of a great team that worked to create the entire piece from concept to completed edit in less than six weeks. Monkey Punch was a treat to meet, and when he toured the studio he seemed very interested in the marriage of new technology that, at the time, we had only just begun to integrate into the workflow. This was one of the last projects at Fates done on paper with pencils, every frame drawn first in red, then in HB, scanned and processed for coloring, and handled digitally from that point forward, but initially as rough and tumble as the process ever gets. Today we draw our frames entirely in-system on the Cintiq platforms and RETAS software, but we’re still using the same skills… we just have the advantage of being able to Undo mistakes rather scrubbing at them with an eraser.

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