Animatic Edit : Meteor

Click for the Fates version of Meteor animatic. Fates frames are animation, Ro’s are the live action.

The (hopefully) FINAL edit on the Meteor animatic. Previous versions below…

Here is v5 that has all sorts of updates. Just so there is no confusion over which way is up, or where the horizon is at, we’ve added in a light sky value. Also there is some additional animation now before the contact point of the SUPERKICK. This should help relate Nike’s position and explain more of the motion of the contact…

New Better frame rate v4:

… and v3… with Ro’s requested insert cut of a reverse of looking down at the meteor after the kick, before the explosion… we’re feeling this interrupts the action and the continuous cut after the SUPERKICK. Ro, the Reverse Cut insert of Nike’s face coming right into frame before her SUPERKICK works… but doing 2 interrupt cuts is feeling weighty… what do you think?

Older version with a lower frame rate. v2.2 by in house numbering….

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