Jumprope boards partial

A few images for the jumprope cut.

Jumping rope sets up rhythmic sounds. The skip of the rope sets a counter point to the slap of the shoes. Use it, both with the music and to establish a beat to the action.

As she begins to rise above the ground, each bounce causes flywire lines in blue to ripple out from the impact, counterpointing the orange and red flames.

The live-action angles are purposefully static so as to emphasize the dichotomy between the reality and the animated fantasy… static angles for live action, dynamic angles for animation. Ideally we’d roto over footage of the same actress who’s shot for the live segments, and since we’re rotoing in the flames and the lava and monsters and so forth, the angles can be as creative as the people shooting the footage care to make them.

This is a segment where we might also recommend that the animated character resemble the live one, rather than transforming into a costumed version. It would speed the roto process immensely, and emphasize the stylistic nature of the fantasy rather than the character herself.

We can also look for opportunities in the live footage to emphasize the flywire lines on the shoes whenever possible, espescially at points near the transition between live and animated footage. It’s not hard to roto a glow down the lines, or energy crackling along them, for any of the five spots.

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