Shoe Boards

Mood board for Nike shoe spot.

Scratch animatic and storyboard frames after the jump (HUGE post!).

And here is a way for the kicks to happen on the surface of the meteor.

The mass of the meteor is slowed down by a series of rapid kicks like this,

before the jump back to the huge, mega kick to stop the meteor in it’s tracks.

These kicks would play EXTREMELY quickly, as we don’t have much time in the :15.

So no matter how slowly they play on your machine (.gif files are processor dependent)

in the edit they would take no more than a second and change.

And here are the still frames of the ‘boards. We tried an idea were the meteor is stopped in

it’s tracks and left suspended in the earth’s gravitational field. The cracks left on it’s smolten

surface just might look like a certain logo too. 😉

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