Don’t know who we are?

We’re these guys: Fates.com

We make cartoons. Traditional hand drawn animation.

The kinda people that those 3D computer animators make obsolete, right? Not entirely. We’re a new breed. We’ve applied the new schools of animation technology to the old school of painstakingly drawing every single frame. We’re “those guys”.

So this is our little secret site where the “Fates Crew” can share updates on whichever project they happen to be working on.

Aww, the “Fates Crew”… or is that “Fate Screw”?

We haven’t been sure which since we started this animation studio. Sure, we’ve got the fast cars, the good-looking women (and/or the well-hung men), a Wacom Cintiq on every desk, legions of ravenous fans, and maybe 5 or 6 different kinds of soda in the fridge… everything a rockstar-level animator typically enjoys…

Ok. Not all of that is true. When an animator sets out on their daily journey they know that after working for 14 hours straight, drawing the same image over and over again, that by the 15th hour they might have completed a full second of animated movement. Drawing animation daily has a startling affect on the human psyche.

Don’t believe me?

Just read the insane ramblings here and you’ll see. Then again, you’d probably be better off just looking at all